The first year of high school presents many challenges for incoming students, from tackling more rigorous academics to deciphering class schedules. Thanks to a United Way Youth Venture team, freshmen at Leominster High school have a resource to turn to for support: Project Launch.


The Project Launch venture was started several years ago but went dormant before being resurrected by Kyle Doyle in 2016. In recognition of his impressive efforts, Doyle was recently chosen to receive a Youth Venture Scholarship, an honor given to three Youth Venture participants every year.


In particular, Doyle was recognized for his perseverance and determination in not only reestablishing Project Venture, but also helping it grow. He put together a team of student leaders who helped freshmen with tasks inkling navigating confusing school wings during move-up day, learning how to open combination lockers, and forming study strategies for midterm exams. These efforts were so successful that the team soon began providing services to older students and later merged with another Venture team that offers peer tutoring.


“Kyle is a natural Changemaker,” says United Way Youth Venture Director Lauren Mountain. “One of the joys of this year was hearing him talk about his transformation as a student leader and I’m so excited for his future.”


Doyle will be attending either Saint Anselm College or Sacred Heart University to study Chemistry beginning in fall 2019. He also serves his community by volunteering as a Eucharistic minister, acting as a leader for his Boy Scout Troop, and inspiring his two younger brothers to start United Way Youth Ventures of their own in middle and elementary school.