United Way of North Central Massachusetts (UWNCM) is working with the residents of Townsend and surrounding areas to raise money to help support 43 individuals impacted by Monday’s 4-alarm fire at a Townsend apartment complex.

100% of all donations received will be directed to Townsend Ecumenical Outreach (82 Bayberry Hill Rd, Townsend, MA 01474).  The funds will be earmarked solely for those affected by the disaster.

If you have any questions regarding your donations, please contact Maribeth Janssens, UWNCM Director of Community Impact, at maribeth@uwncm.org or (978) 345-1577, Ext. 303.

For questions regarding the assistance to those affected:

Monday – Friday: Please contact Steve Morency, Townsend Ecumenical Outreach (TEO) Executive Director, at (978) 732-4244.

Saturday – Sunday: Please call (978) 594-2874.

*TEO is no longer accepting clothing donations, however interested in all other items*