Nov. 15, 2017 –   Students from St. Bernard’s High School spent the day helping those in need.
The entire student body, along with teachers packaged over 22,000 United Way Combat Hunger meals for local food pantries.
“This is just incredible. Three students, Kara Boissoneau, Emily Malone and Olivia Rampello, took the initiative to spearhead and organize the event,”  said Phil Grzewinski, president of United Way of North Central Massachusetts.
In addition to raising the funds to pay for the meals, Boissoneau, Malone and Rampello, enlisted the support of the entire student body. “It was great to see all the students participate. We can’t say thank you enough,” added Grzewinski.
In response to hungry children and families in the community, United Way launched Combat Hunger. Because it relies on volunteers, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, and rice and bean are packaged for only .37 a meal.
Since the launch of the United Way Combat Hunger, over 700,000 meals have been provided to 20 food pantries in North Central Massachusetts.
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