UWNCM is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for children and youth in North Central MA. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has awarded $4.5 Million to support a regional effort of United Ways located in Central, North Central and South-Central Massachusetts. This grant opportunity will provide two years of support to better serve children from pre-k to grade 12 during after-school and summer. The goal is to help After School and Out of School Time (ASOST) programs rebound and strengthen quality of services from impacts of COVID-19 and thereby improve learning, social-emotional outcomes, and access to enrichment opportunities for children and youth.

Grants can support project-based learning, enrichment activities and comprehensive student support services. Grants will be awarded up to $50,000.

All applicants must either be a 501c3 organization or municipality. If your program does not meet these criteria, we may be able to help in connecting your organization with a fiscal agent. Please email Judy@uwncm.org with questions about eligibility. We encourage agencies, school districts and municipalities to apply as we are seeking to offer diverse options for children and youth.

Reporting requirements will include number of children and/or youth served and demographic information as well as goals based on age and population served.

The RFP for the third round of grants is due June 18, 5 PM; the application will be available on Wednesday, June 1.  These funds will support efforts for the 2022-23 school year.  Funding will also be available for  Summer 2023. Programs that continue their work will be asked to re-apply.

Click here to apply – https://agency.e-cimpact.com/login.aspx?org=23520U

Click here for E-CImpact access instructions https://uwncm.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/E-CImpact-Access-Instructions.pdf