Help us create social change by making your voice heard through advocacy. Whether you email a local representative or spread the word about critical social issues, engaging in advocacy is a powerful way to speak up for others and support causes you believe in. Here are a few ways you can advocate:


Voting is an easy way to weigh in on important policy issues that affect people in need in your community. Make sure you are registered to vote, or learn how to register here.

Stay informed

When you find a cause that inspires you, learn as much about it as you can. Do you research, tune into local news, and connect with charities focused on the cause to educate yourself and discover ways to get involved.

Contact your elected officials

Reach out to your elected representatives to make your opinions known. You can send an email, write a letter, pick up the phone or attend a local public meeting. Find a list of your elected officials here.

Educate Others & Raise Awareness

Once you are informed about an issue, tell others. Talk to family and friends, use social media platforms to educate your network or share your thoughts with a wider audience by writing a letter to the editor of a local paper.

Help Us Advocate

Stay up to date on UWNCM’s work to help the community and how you can be part of it:

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• Visit our Volunteer Center to find opportunities to make a hands-on difference
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Change doesn’t happen alone. Join us in making a difference today.