Endowment gifts are a powerful way for donors to extend their generosity into the future while providing a sustainable source of income for UWNCM.

When you make an endowment gift, funds are established as a permanent pool of capital through UWNCM or a community foundation, and investment income is used to support UWNCM while the principal amount remains intact. Endowments directly support long-term community impact work, enabling UWNCM to have a stable source of income even when community needs are exacerbated by unforeseen circumstances.

Endowment gifts also offer donors the opportunity to define their places in the community through permanent support of an important cause. Through perpetual investment, the donor’s impact is magnified beyond what they might have been able to give during their life, serving as a lasting tribute that extends their values for future generations.

For more information about endowment gifts, please contact Jody Athanasiou, Director of Resource Development at Jody@uwncm.org or 978-345-1577, Ext. 306.