Our Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.

We unite volunteers, supporters and non-profit and corporate partners to create positive, lasting changes in the region we call home. Through our vast network of programs and services, we connect the community with resources, and solutions. 

Together, we focus on the three building blocks to a better life: Education, Health and Financial Stability.

Our Commitment to Diversity

United Way of North Central Massachusetts embraces diversity as a core value. We are fully committed to diversity as employers and as change agents in the community. As employers, we seek to foster an inclusionary and equitable workplace and understand that our work is only enhanced when diversity is central to our organizational culture. As a change agent, UWNCM understands that many of the socio-economic inequities we seek to address are a result of institutional and historical factors, and any sincere effort to strengthen our community must include a focus on equity and inclusion. UWNCM is committed to advancing programs, initiatives, and policies that “level the playing field” by providing strength-based opportunities and resources to traditionally underserved populations with the goal of advancing education, health, and financial stability for all.


Change doesn’t happen alone. Join us in making a difference today.