A Success Story Made Possible by the Montachusett Interfaith Hospitality Network (MIHN)

A single, expecting mother with two small children struggled to work three jobs. As a resident of the shelter, she worked hard to support her family, and attend all trainings and case management meetings.  She was able to greatly benefit from the caring staff and volunteers, who taught her new skills, including budget making that gave her a path to success.

When Laney and her children, Nick and Allie, moved into the MIHN Shelter she was four months pregnant and working two jobs. A recent divorcee, and dealing with very little support from the father of her children, needless to say, she was low in spirits.  Through her DCF Family support worker, Laney heard about MIHN and reached out for help.

She moved in and immediately began searching for ways out of the shelter. She grasped at many things, including more long term goals that would be very challenging to accomplish during her stay.  MIHN was there to help support and redirect her to keep her focus on what she could accomplish and what was feasible.

Laney said life at MIHN was like, “Sweet and sour, because I could start from the ground up and learn from previous mistakes, then it’s hard to live under someone else’s rules when you’re an adult and living with other adults.” She added, “MIHN helped keep me focused and stay on track, instead of looking for a quick fix.”

Laney graduated from MIHN in October after obtaining a third part-time job and establishing some savings. She says her life since graduating is “much better,” than before she entered the program. She has since had her baby, married and received a promotion at one of her three jobs, and was relieved to be able to cut down to one full-time job instead of three part-time jobs.

“Thank you so much MIHN for helping my family! I will gladly come back to share my experience with new families to tell my story and how MIHN supported me and my children,” says Laney.