World Kindness Day is an international observance, introduced in 1998 by a coalition of Non Government Organizations (NGOs). It is a day to do good deeds in the community and look beyond the boundaries of race, religion, and nationality – very similar to the mission of the United Way here in North Central Massachusetts, and across the country.


To honor the 20th Anniversary of World Kindness Day, and encourage you to participate, we’ve developed a list of 20 simple acts of kindness you can do today – some as simple as committing to volunteer one day in the future!


  1. Support Wreaths Across America Event held at Monty Tech
  2.  Visit with a neighbor who may be lonely this holiday season
  3. Help your neighbor shovel their walkway
  4. Let people cut in front of you – on the road or at the store
  5. Send an encouraging email to someone you know struggling
  6. Donate your time to the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats in Lunenburg
  7. Put quarters in parking meters that are about to expire
  8. Write a nice online review for a local business you like
  9. Give someone an inspirational book
  10. Donate hats, mittens or coats to Our Father’s House in Fitchburg
  11. Give your server an overly generous tip
  12. Pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive-thru
  13. Volunteer at the coat drive hosted by the Spanish American Center in Leominster
  14. Donate your time and knitting skills to Warmer Winters in Leominster
  15. Bring a coworker a treat
  16. Volunteer to make dinner tonight, or the next night you are available
  17. Donate food baskets or toys to Ginny’s Helping Hand in Lancaster
  18. Make dinner for an elderly neighbor and deliver it to them
  19. Volunteer at your local food pantry
  20. Donate to the United Way at or by calling 978-345-1577