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At United Way, our staff is dedicated to engaging the people and organizations from all across the community who bring the passion, expertise and resources to get things done.



To reach one of our staff members by phone, dial 978-345-1577 and enter an extension below. 


Jody Athansiou

Director of Resource Development

Ext. 306 



Susan Cain

Finance Director

Ext. 308



Gina Cudak

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 313



Kory Eng


Ext. 302



Fran Longton

Volunteer Center Manager

Ext. 311



Natalie Nelson

Associate Director of Resource Development

Ext. 305



Lisa Normandin

Office Manager

Ext. 304


Randi Vincent

IT Support / Administrative Assistant

Ext. 309



Amy Wells

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 301



Nicole Murphy

Marketing - NM Designz

Ext. 312




For media inquiries, please contact Nicole Murphy, Marketing & Communications, (978) 430-1244.