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Sizer, a North Central Charter Essential School

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The vision of Sizer, a North Central Charter Essential School asks students to “think for themselves, care about others, and act creatively and responsibly.” Following this mission statement, Sizer pairs well with UWYV and its goal to create cultivators of community-benefiting change in north central Massachusetts. As with many essential schools, Sizer gives students in grades 7 through 12 the opportunity to learn through project-based assignments with the ultimate goal to have each young person acquire the skills to be self-led learners. 




2011 – 2012

Sizer Cubbies
Deryn Susman, who attends Sizer School, a North Central Charter Essential School in Fitchburg, started the United Way Youth Venture Team, Sizer Cubbies, after she learned of a mother and children who were forced to flee from their home, leaving all of their prized possessions behind. Deryn and her Venture Team were inspired to help traumatized families like these, providing them with free teddy bears, and holding an annual fundraiser to bring awareness and support to the important cause.

2012 – 2013

Wii Kinnect
Toni and Roman from North Central Charter School teamed up to ‘Kinnect’ with the elderly in Massachusetts! Wii Kinnect Venture Team plans to visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities to help teach residents how to use the Wii and Kinnect gaming systems, providing the chance to bridge the intergenerational gap between young people and older populations, get exercise, and have fun! Venturers intend to host Wii tournaments at their school and in the community as a way to encourage participants to be involved in their Venture, and also help fund the expansion of their systems. With Toni’s organizational skills and Roman’s contacts from working and volunteering in nursing homes, this dynamic duo is sure to make ‘kinnections’ everywhere they go!

2013 – 2014

Clean Up Humanity
With the initial desire to help solve every problem in the world, the Venturers of Clean Up Humanity have worked hard to narrow their ambitious ideas into achievable SMART goals, ultimately deciding to raise awareness to help end the issue of domestic abuse right here in the area. Along with awareness campaigns, Clean Up Humanity will be fundraising for the YWCA to aid in their support of women and children who are looking for assistance from abusive homes and relationships.

2014 – 2015

The Green Team
The Green Team is a passionate group of students from Sizer that have taken environmental awareness to the next level. They coach their fellow classmates on how to eliminate waste, identify recyclables, and explain how composting will benefit the Sizer community. Their enthusiasm and excitement for this cause guarantees that Sizer will be a shining light in student engagement in the environment for years to come.