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Community Investment Process


At United Way of North Central Massachusetts, we have a unique and robust process to identify and address the most pressing health and human services needs in our community. We have a committed group of volunteers who make up our Community Investment Team. These 50 members work closely with United Way staff and our volunteer board of directors to:

•    Set health and human services vision and priorities for the community.
•    Work closely with other organizations to build strategies to reach our goals. 
•    Get commitments in time, money and expertise to advance these strategies.
•    Measure effectiveness of the strategies.
•    Report back, and adjust strategies when needed. 

What drives this process is a comprehensive, independent needs assessment that United Way commissions every several years. This data helps United Way prioritize the health and human services needs in the community.

This process is why so many people give with confidence to United Way’s Community Impact Fund. We fund programs exclusively, no administrative overhead, and conduct annual site visits to each agency to see how the program is working and making a difference.